Traffic Rider 1.99b MOD APK Unlimited Money, Menu

Traffic Rider 1.99b MOD APK Unlimited Money, Menu

3.9/5 - (1603 votes)

3.9/5 - (1603 votes)

Traffic Rider: A real thrilling motorcycle driving experience!

Traffic Rider MOD APK game is one of the most thrilling motorcycle games. The real experience of car racing on the streets at incredible speed is not something that can be easily ignored. If you like to spend your free time with real excitement, drive through the city streets at maximum speed and without limits and don’t care about anything, Traffic Rider Mod APK invites players to challenge the tracks and vehicles they have to dodge to reach the level goal. The rewards after each stage will be used to buy vehicles that the player likes and to increase his speed. When you experience Traffic Rider, you will definitely not be able to ignore the number of challenges you will face. These challenges are divided into different categories according to difficulty and color. At the same time, before you start the game screen, you will know what you need to do in this level, such as reaching the destination in time. Also, the hard point the game gives you is that you will not be able to collide with anything on the road as it will cause your car to stop.

Gameplay style

This game offers a new experience for motorcycle fans and includes more than 70 engaging and challenging mission stages. By completing each stage, you can get more points and complete more interesting challenges. Remember that if you want to get the best parts, drive at a speed above 100 km/h and do not hit any other car. Don’t worry about being fined by the police, because luckily high speed is completely allowed in this exciting game! If you collide with other cars at high speed, your beautiful engine will be upside down and you will see the broken mark on your engine window. But if your speed is lower, you can just have a collision with other cars and you can continue the game with health.

Traffic Rider Game Modes:

The driver’s first-person perspective is also one of the unique features you encounter in Traffic Rider. It’s like you’re really riding a motorcycle down the street, feeling the wind, tasting the heat and cold in the air, and letting your mind go wild! This game offers four attractive and different modes, by choosing each of them, you can take a unique path:

By choosing this mode, which is the main mode of this attractive game, you can enter the adventurous path of various missions, drive fast and collect coins and gold.

By choosing this mode, you can continue the game engine as much as you want. If you have an accident with other cars, sacrifice your head!

Against the watch:
By choosing this mode, you can test your chosen engine. But this mode is not active from the start of the game, and to activate it, you must complete levels 6 and 24 of the Career mode.

Free ride:
By choosing this mode, you can ride a motorbike freely and carefree on the streets and enjoy the realistic atmosphere of this engaging game. To activate this mode, you must have completed at least level 14 of Career mode.

Beautiful and stunning graphics:

Arguably the first feature of Traffic Rider game that catches fans’ attention is very beautiful, natural and realistic graphics of this game. night, in different weather conditions, in tunnels and streets. You can skillfully ride a unicycle, enjoy the high quality of the motorcycle, and give you a real thrill experience. In Traffic Rider you can watch the engine of your choice in 3D and upgrade it in a special garage. You can choose what time of day to walk the streets! If you like the game engine at night, you will be amazed by this game’s high quality graphics, soft moonlight and soothing night atmosphere. If you also like to ride a motorcycle at noon or in the evening, you can easily treat yourself to this unique experience.

A variety of powerful and exciting engines:

One of the most attractive features of Traffic Rider game is its beautiful and powerful engines. In this thrilling motor game, you can choose from 29 high-speed motors and create a wonderful experience for yourself. The more stages you complete in the engine game, the easier it will be to choose different skins for your engines. After all, you can also upgrade the power of engines in the special garage of this game and drive through the streets with the fastest engines available without any speed limit. You need to collect enough coins to be able to choose stronger and faster engines. To collect coins you just need to complete the road traffic game stages one after another, don’t crash while driving the motors and drive with high speed and excitement.

Do you like riding in the desert or walking around the city?

In Traffic Rider game you can choose the environment in which you ride a motorcycle. Do you like to drive fast on highways or do you prefer the quiet atmosphere of the desert? Do you want to cruise the city streets or play on a cold, snowy winter day with your powerful and beautiful motor? Interestingly, you can also choose the amount of traffic on the roads, but not in Career mode. If you want a challenging experience, you can fill the streets with colorful cars and swerve from side to side of the cars. If you like a calm and quiet road, you can easily reduce the traffic volume and enjoy the beauty of the road.

Quick and easy control:

The Traffic Rider game has also provided users with the ability for quick and easy engine control. You can easily move the steering wheel of your motorcycle and pass obstacles and other cars with exemplary skill. For the convenience of users, four options are included to control the engine flywheel:

By selecting the Tilt option, you can move the motor with exemplary precision just by tilting your Android phone.
By selecting Buttons, you can move the motor to one side or the other by touching the left and right arrows.
By selecting the Handlebar option, you will take control of the engine’s steering wheel and steer it well.
With the Gamepad option, you can also control the movement of the motor with the gamepad.
You can also adjust the motion sensitivity of the motor.

Realistic sound effects:

One of the draws of the game is its real sound effects. It is interesting to know that in Traffic Rider the sound of real engines has been used to create a unique experience for the user. When you start playing you will hear the real sound of the engine and you will be completely immersed in the game. Of course, you may also like to ride a motorcycle without hearing engine noise and in a quiet environment. If you are like that, you can easily remove the Sound FX tick from the game settings section and experience a relaxing motorbike ride in silence.

A unique competition with other users:

It is interesting to know that the game Traffic Rider has a world ranking. That is, you can become one of the leaders of the best traffic racers by earning more points and progressing in the game. In this attractive game more than 30 different achievements are also included, by getting them you can get a higher rank. Moreover, you can also be proud of your unique records with your friends, compete together to get more points and brag about your skills and abilities.

Exciting first-person gameplay
Has 29 professional motorcycles
Real and professional voiceover
The ability to play a mission with over 70 stages
Has a world ranking
You will ride your motorbike and come across many different types of vehicles to complete the level in the best way.
With easy-to-reach controls, players will increase their driving ability and avoid obstacles in front of them.
Each type of road has its challenges and advantages that you will pay attention to during the game.
The levels with different challenges are of varied difficulty which you can choose to earn lots of money in the game.
The number of vehicles you can own in this game is varied and they can all reach impressive speeds if you upgrade them.

Supported Android
{4.0 and UP}
Supported Android Version:-
Jelly Bean(4.1–4.3.1)- KitKat (4.4–4.4.4)- Lollipop (5.0–5.0.2) – Marshmallow (6.0 – 6.0.1) – Nougat (7.0 – 7.1.1) – Oreo (8.0-8.1) – Pie (9.0) – Android 10 – Android 11

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Additional Information

Developer : Soner Kara

Version : 1.81

Google Play : PlayStore

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