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3.9/5 - (94 votes)

GBWhatsApp APK:

GBWhatsApp APK is an alternative version of the popular WhatsApp messaging app. The app removes the restriction of media support and offers some cool new features which are not available in the original app.

Many messaging apps are available on the Google Play Store. WhatsApp is a renowned messaging app that lets you connect with your friends and loved ones. Apart from text messages, the GBWhatsApp app offers a variety of media and voice or video call options.

GBWhatsApp is an updated version of the official Play Store app. The app offers more dynamic multimedia support, with tons of new customization options. You can find tons of WhatsApp mod files, but this one is transparent and works well on unrooted Android devices.

This release revokes the media support restriction. You can now send up to 50MB of video content or up to 90 images at a time. Normally on WhatsApp, when we send an image, the image quality is adjusted for bandwidth allocation. In GB WhatsApp, if the size of the image is 5MB, the other person will receive a size of 5MB. There is no resolution calm when you send or receive media in the app.

Another great feature of this WhatsApp is that you can download contacts status to your smartphone. You don’t need to take a screenshot or record a video of the status. The status will be downloaded without filter or message from sender. Overall, GBWhatsApp offers a handful of new features that the official app does not. Some of the highlighted features are mentioned below.

GBWhatsApp Features:


The auto-reply feature is only available in the WhatsApp Business app. You can now use this feature on your default account using a modified version. Using this option, you can configure the auto-reply setting. After enabling this setting, the sender will receive a message from your account whether you are online or not.


The Do Not Disturb feature automatically disables internet for the given app, even if you are connected to the network. The other person will only receive one tick if they send the message.

Filter Messages:

This is a cool feature that you can use to filter the most recently used WhatsApp text messages. You can also revoke these messages using the “Anti-revoke message” option.

New effects and templates:

The app offers new live or static effects and templates for your home, status or calls page. You can also send special effects like text messages to other people.

Download Status:

You can easily download the status of any of your contact numbers. Even if the other person has hidden the status from you, you can still see their status and download it.


It includes a built-in message translation feature which you can use to translate your messages. This is useful if you have foreign friends.


The account is 100% safe from banning as the app does not conflict with your current account and it comes with anti-ban protection.

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Additional Information

Developer : GB MOD

Version : V19.52.05

Google Play : PlayStore

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