Japanese Kanji Study 3.3.9 Unlocked

Japanese Kanji Study 3.3.9 Unlocked


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Kanji Study provides a simple and useful tool for learning kanji. Review with summary sheets, customizable questionnaires and writing tests. Each Kanji is accompanied by detailed information and numerous examples. The application contains an effective search engine to find kanji by radicals (keys), number of strokes and more. It is also possible to create custom groups to fit a lesson or train on particular kanji.
+ Find more than 6,000 Kanji through readings, radicals, number of traits, level of learning, and more using a single search bar.
+ Customize your display by hiding the meanings, hiding sections, displaying romaji etc.
+ Discover the kanji used in each example by clicking on them.
+ Personalize more by repeating your wrong answers, removing the time limit or more.
+ Use the study time classification to create custom groups according to the time spent learning each kanji.
+ Add kanji, radicals or favorite examples to get back easily.
+ Save your progress locally or on Google Drive.
+ Personalize MANY things again.

Supported Android

Varies with device

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Japanese Kanji Study - 漢字学習 v3.3.9 [Unlocked].apk